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Kirsten Doyle

Kirsten Doyle

We all know the old maxim, ‘the more things change, the more they stay the same’. The SA training sector has faced several challenges for some time. Too few people with too few skills, poor quality of education, and lack of infrastructure remain issues for today’s trainers and learners alike.

 Alongside this, technologies such as BYOD and cloud are changing the face of training and how it is delivered. Training Guide 2014 looks at these issues, and how vendors, training providers and employers are addressing them.

 In addition, today’s learners want their training delivered conveniently and in a way that grabs their attention. Training Guide looks at new technologies, and how they are impacting the way training is delivered in today’s environment.

Businesses are spending vast amounts of time and money on training, but are too often not satisfi ed with the results. Training Guide chats to a range of SA companies to see what their issues are with staff training, and the steps they’ve taken to resolve them – in particular, how more and more businesses are realising a ‘one-sizefi ts-all’ approach doesn’t work, and creating custom solutions for their specifi c training needs.

We also chat to employees, to get their perspective on the training game, and see what their biggest bug bears are with training and development.

Finally, this print edition of the Training Guide has an online counterpart, TrainingWeb at www.trainingweb.co.zawith fully updated training provider listings and the latest IT training news.

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