ICT Research Aanalyst

Mogen Naidoo

Mogen Naidoo, Research Analyst, IDC, Middle East, Africa and Turkey

Mogen Naidoo's keen interest in computers and technology after receiving his fi rst PC in 1989 propelled him to study mathematics and science in high school. After completing matric, he began a degree in computer sciences at the University of Cape Town (UCT), before switching to an information systems degree in 2000. He also has his information systems honours and masters degrees.

Don't stop at an undergrad level – an honours degree will give you an edge, but also consider an MBA to further your career prospects.


Before joining the IDC, Naidoo lectured at Southwark University and UCT, and was an IT auditor at KPMG, and a research analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

"Completing my masters' thesis has better equipped me to perform my current role as research analyst in terms of data collection, understanding methodologies, and of most importance, how to analyse information as well market trends and forecasts."

To upskill, Naidoo said reading articles, press releases and IT news is most fundamental in knowing what is happening in the industry. Speaking to key people in the industry provides insight to new trends and products released, and attending seminars, conferences and watching Webinars gives one the opportunity to view the latest products or get a view of IT companies' strategies.

He advises that those wishing to become research analysts should not stop at an undergrad level, but should move on to complete an honours degree, and perhaps even an MBA.

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