Chief Architect

Keutlilwe Leso

Keutlilwe Leso, Chief Architect, Red Media

Keutlilwe Leso started his career in enterprise architecture in 2007, without any formal qualifi cation, as fi nancial constraints halted his studies. However, he says, his passion for technology saw him through, and knowledge and skills he has gained through previous experience have proved invaluable.

Along the way, Leso has obtained various international certifi cations in enterprise architecture, services-oriented architecture, project management, free software and open source, and other technology-specifi c qualifi cations in his career conquest.

Identify and approach a mentor to assist you with certain decisions.


"A formal qualifi cation that combines business and technology systems would have given me the necessary foundation and preparation for this profession," he said. However, he claims that an MBA degree will be quite invaluable, especially for someone coming from a strong technology background.

His advises those wishing to follow in his footsteps to study a course that exposes them to business and technology concepts, and the latest thinking. "Don't just take things at face value in the classroom. Research and read more on what was taught in class. Join professional membership organisations such as CSSA and other student chapters.

"Identify and approach a mentor to assist you with certain decisions," he advises. "If you are employed, learn as much as you can in your current position, but also identify your desired position and prepare yourself for it. Continuously certify your skills."

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