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Ranka Jovanovic

Ranka Jovanovic, Editorial director, ITWeb

Every profession has an inflated sense of its importance. Today, tech people who are at the top of their games have good reason to feel special – they are in demand, and technology innovation is at the heart of business transformation across many industry sectors.

It's also hard to think of a sector where the pace of change is faster than IT's, and where constant "upskilling" is not optional, but comes with the territory. Take mobile app development – last year, this skill was hardly mentioned in our guide; today, it is all the rage. Our annual Corporate IT Training Guide once again takes stock of the state of ICT training in South Africa. We interview training and certifi cation specialists, who speak of a market that is both mature and booming, but also needs to keep reinventing itself in order to train the nextgeneration skills.

We revisit these "millennial" skills and the challenges they present to employers and IT departments as consumerisation and bring-your-own-device demands come to the fore.

As usual, we include two exclusive survey reports: the 2012 Skills Survey found – unsurprisingly – that ICT skills remain in short supply, making investment in the training of existing staff vital. ITWeb's annual IT Salary Survey reveals the top-paid tech jobs and the most valuable skills to have in the current market.

Finally, this guide also needs to keep up to date, and we are complementing this print version with an online ICT training providers' directory, to be released in July 2013. We hope you fi nd both formats useful. Do let me know your thoughts at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Ranka Jovanovic Editorial director, ITWeb

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